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PSO launches higher-quality petrol for improved engine performance

Pakistan State Oil has launched a higher quality petrol to ensure better engine performance of the vehicles. PSO has introduced brand new RON 97 high octane petrol to upgrade the fuel quality and facilitate the customers.

This higher quality petrol is called ‘Altron X Hi-Octane 97’. It will provide an enhanced performance for the vehicles in Pakistan by allowing them to have a secure and smooth drive.

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If customers use the higher quality RON 97, not just the life of engines will increase but also the maintenance cost of the engines will decrease.

The environmental hazards with PSO’s new petrol will reduce as it produces less emission. Better mileage, better engine performance, and better customer experience all the major benefits of Altron X Hi-Octane 97 petrol.

Pakistan State Oil is the first company in Pakistan to launch this high-quality fuel product. PSO was also the first company to introduce the higher grade RON fuels in Pakistan back in 2016.

At the launch of RON 97 fuel Mr. Sheikh Imranul Haque, PSO Managing Director and CEO said that the company will make sure to meet the demands of people with better and improved products in future.

Adding, “PSO is the most trusted Oil Marketing Company of Pakistan and we have earned that status by delivering the best fuel products to our customers in the hardest of situations. The launch of Altron X Hi- Octane 97 is yet another testament to Pakistan State Oil’s commitment to effectively meeting the changing needs of our consumers with fuel products that are at par with global standards.”