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PSO is Firing Employees – 1700 workers sent Termination Letters

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) management is firing its employees. Almost 1700 PSO workers have been sent their termination letters. They are the PSO workers who were working on daily wages and were underpaid. They are sent termination letters to avoid the workers going to court for regularization of their services.

By obeying the court order PSO regularized services of more than 200 daily paid workers who were employed in PSO’s Karachi Head Office.

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As per the officials, almost 1700 daily paid workers were employed by PSO from time to time and they worked at different PSO offices. These workers were given pay in between Rs15,000 to Rs50,000 per month. Some of the workers have been offered a contract to work at low wages at which they were hired almost 15 to 20 years ago. They are not permitted to apply for a permanent employment.

PSO Company said, “PSO does not follow the provincial quota system. It advocates equal employment opportunities for all eligible candidates who are screened, shortlisted and selected through a transparent and merit-oriented uniform recruitment system governed through standard PSO policies and procedures. PSO is always focused on hiring the best fit for the job. In previous years, PSO has recruited top talent from across the industry in order to fill its critical leadership positions. Nevertheless, all these appointments were in line with the transparent and merit-oriented uniform recruitment system.”