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PSL Poses Threat for Pakistan Cricket—Says Ex-Captain

The previous captain and opening batsman of the Pakistan Cricket team—Amir Sohail has given a statement that the Pakistan Super League (PSL) should not be used as a platform for selecting players, as it poses huge risks for the nation’s cricket.

He said that it looks to him that the performances in the PSL are being used for judging the performance of players and based on these judgements the players are then selected for the Pakistan national team. He added that even just a single good performance in any of the PSL matches is being taken as a reason to select a player for representing Pakistan internationally which makes no sense.

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The ex-skipper had this opinion that PSL is indeed a “good addition” to the country’s local structure, but it should not be encouraged and considered as the only platform to get one into Pakistan cricket.

Amir Sohail added that this kind of attitude posses a huge risk. By adopting and promoting this attitude an impression is being portrayed to the young and upcoming cricketers that as long as one could hit a few fours and sixes and be a slogger the person could play for Pakistan. He mentioned that we are suffering from a lack of quality batsmen and this attitude would for sure be not helping in improving the cause.

He further mentioned that the representatives of the domestic cricket associations who provide the new players for the Pakistan Super League are not even invited to PSL which is strange and in no way good if we seriously wish to bring improvement and quality to our cricket.

The third edition of the PSL tournament ended on the 25th of March, with Islamabad United taking the title of the winning team, after beating Peshawar Zalmi in the final match in the National Stadium of Karachi.

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