PSDF launched Women Focused Employment Driven Training for Urban Women

Punjab Skills Development Fund introduces the new programme for women living in urban areas in order to boost women employment opportunities, the programme will focus on women residing in cities across selected districts of Punjab.

To start the programme officially, PSDF organized a contract signing ceremony on September 6, 2017, the contract was signed with 22 qualified Training Services Providers (TSPs).

The programme is titled, “Women Focused Employment Driven Training”.

Various industry experts and government officials attended the ceremony, Minister of Industries, Commerce & Investment Sheikh Alauddin said, “I am really proud of the initiative PSDF took for the women which will not only provide them technical and vocational training but also connect them with suitable employment opportunities.

A lot of programmes only focus on training the individuals which is not enough, this programme will also help them landing a suitable job after getting trained.

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