PS5 with a removable disc drive revealed in a leaked video

As per the information we fetched from the leaked video, the PS5 contains a removable disk drive. All of the looks of the devices in the leaked video are pretty similar to the leaked images before. The black line that runs along each side of the console cover is the single distinguishing feature. It implies that the two are interchangeable.

However, the leaked video depicts much more of the system in question. It’s unclear whether this is a functioning machine or just a shell for a demo. Or if the design is really a valid one in the first place. In either case, if the design is accurate, it is obvious that this is not the slim PS5. Despite not being plugged in or operating, the console is displayed in the leaked video from almost all sides. A few noteworthy specifics are also important to note.

Video of PS5 appears with a removeable device disk unit

You only get a fleeting glimpse. However, if you pay close attention, you can see where it seems the main console section has been split from the disc drive portion. You can see a line that divides the area where the drive is from the rest of the console as the console is tilted to reveal the bottom. This line extends from the front to the back.

This device no longer has a USB-A port on the front, which is another noticeable difference. There is one USB-A port and one USB-C port on the current PS5 model. Two USB-C ports are available on the device in this video. indicating that Sony has chosen to switch out the USB-A port for a different USB-C port. The back isn’t particularly well-represented in the video. Therefore, it is uncertain if the device still has two USB-A ports. However, it wouldn’t make sense to remove one from the front before also removing one from the back.

This PS5 doesn’t appear to have much changed overall. If it is a new model with an updated design, that is it.