PS5 leak: New PlayStation 5 FIFA 23 bundle – with old revision

Sony will soon launch a new bundle with the PlayStation 5, combining the game console with the new FIFA23. We already have official marketing images of the PS5 in the FIFA 23 bundle ahead of today’s State of Play event. Of course, it’s not really surprising when Sony launches a FIFA bundle in cooperation with EA. Corresponding packages already existed on the PS4 in connection with FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 is also repeatedly offered bundled with the PlayStation 5, albeit not in an official package.

The new PS5 FIFA 23 Bundle will be introduced with both the PlayStation 5 in the Digital Edition and with the version including an optical drive. The DualSense controller is also offered in another bundle with the football game from Electronic Arts so that fans of the game series can purchase a second input device for a second player if they wish.

The new bundle does not yet come with the new hardware revision 1200

Technically and visually, the PS5 consoles included in the FIFA 23 bundle remain unchanged. The revisions CFI-1116A (optical) and CFI-1116B (digital) are used. So Sony doesn’t use the opportunity to introduce the latest hardware revision CFI-1200, which is already available in Australia and has a modified cooling system, lighter construction, and smaller mainboard, as some might have hoped.

Instead, the FIFA 23 bundles are simply combined with the current versions of the PlayStation 5 that have been available in Europe for some time. Nothing has changed in the design either, so there is neither an adapted controller nor faceplates in a special design. In view of Sony’s current product policy surrounding the PS5, this is of course not surprising.

It’s only the third bundle that the PlayStation 5 will be available in its two years since launch. In terms of price, everything remains within the usual range. The regular version will probably cost 699 euros with FIFA 23, while the bundle with the digital edition and FIFA 23 will probably cost around 550 euros. We don’t yet know what the bundle with the controller costs.