PRSS-1 Satellite Control Handed Over to Pakistan

China has given the control of PRSS-1 Satellite to Pakistan. China launched two sensing for Pakistan to monitor the mega CPEC project last month. Pakistan’s first Remote Sensing Satellite (PRSS-1) launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre and now its control has been handed over to Pakistan.

On 9th July 2018, Pakistan’s first Remote Sensing Satellite (PRSS-1) and Pakistan’s indigenous Technology Evaluation Satellite (PakTES-1A) were launched from China. The tests of the satellite in the orbit have been successful and today on 14th August the control of the PRSS-1 Satellite has been given to Pakistan.

The President of Pakistan and the caretaker Prime Minister appreciated SUPARCO’s engineers and scientists efforts in making this possible.

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PRSS-1 will be used for the survey of land & resources, to monitor natural disasters, for agriculture research, urban construction, and remote sensing information for CPEC projects.

PakTES-1A is a scientific experiment satellite developed by Pakistan that was sent into the orbit through the same rocket. As it is sent into the orbit PRSS-1  is now in better condition with its solar panels unfolded smoothly.

The satellite has a designed life of seven years. It has a couple of panchromatic/multispectral cameras having a resolution up to a meter and a 60 km coverage range.

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