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Provincial govt of Punjab prepares SOPs for isolation at home

The PTI-led provincial government of Punjab has prepared the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the isolation at home and hinted at implemented them at the appropriate time.

Dr. Yasmin Rashid—Punjab’s Minister for Health—said that the Chinese doctors have advised keeping the patients infected with the novel coronavirus at the hospital instead of home.

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The provincial health minister said that a large number of the ventilators is available at the hospitals across the province and only seven coronavirus patients are in the critical condition at the moment.

Earlier, the health minister, during an interview on a TV channel, said that the capital city of Punjab Lahore has the highest number of the coronavirus cases in the whole province while the situation in the southern areas of the province is less severe.

The provincial minister maintained that patients in the Mayo hospital are being treated using Hydroxychloroquine. She added that younger patients are recovering in greater numbers because of the stronger immune system.

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