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Providing Cheap Energy In Rural Areas Of Pakistan Using Agro-Waste

There has been a collaboration between Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) & World Wildlife Fund for Nature-Pakistan (WWF-Pakistan) to provide cheap energy in certain rural areas of Pakistan. The two parties have come to an agreement and thus signed a MoU to offer energy to those areas of Pakistan that grow cotton and rice.

During a ceremony conducted at SNGPL head office the contract was signed in presence of experienced management from both parties. From WWF-Pakistan Hammad Naqi Khan, the Director General while from SNGPL Managing Director Amjad Latif actually signed the contract.

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The project both parties are working on is called Agro-Waste Community Enterprise. SNGPL would financially support the project while WWF-Pakistan would then execute it. The purpose of this collaboration is to give alternate cheap energy in homes and small businesses. Alternate cheap energy includes clean cooking stoves, fueled by agro-waste for the rural society of Pakistan.

As agro-waste is used as fuel therefore the implementation of this plan would promote environment friendly, substitute energy sources for rural community be it household or businesses. A clean source of energy, cheap and user friendly for people of rural areas becomes the attraction of this project. Moreover the project can easily spread among areas rich with agro-wastes.

The project would provide a cleaner safer environment, promote climate change mitigation along with giving inexpensive, dependable, sustainable and clean energy as per WWF-Pakistan Director General

Amjad Latif also spoke on the occasion complimenting SNGPL by saying that the organization is working effortlessly to conserve and protect the environment.