Proton SAGA is launching next month in Pakistan

Proton SAGA is arriving next month in Pakistan. It will be available for sale in either the third or fourth week of Dec 2020. The vehicle will be a CBU/import from Malaysia. The local partner is Al-Haj Group.

According to the report, the company will be importing 100 CBU units for launch purposes at subsidized 50% duty structure, as per the auto policy.

The Proton SAGA will launch CBU in 3 variants for the Pakistani market, that is Standard Manual, Standard Auto, Premium Auto.

The Premium Auto will be the best, top of the line version. There are 4 dealerships planned that will be functional in the next couple of weeks. Two of the dealerships are in Karachi while in 1 each is in Islamabad and Lahore respectively. Soon, the company will add more dealer networks.

By mid-December 2020, SAGA will go on display for public viewing. Once the company is able to sell 100 CBU units, they will take more orders. Also, it is pertinent to mention here that by June 2021, the company is planning a locally assembled SAGA. This is also dependable on how the public responds to the launch.

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