Proton Exora Car Seen in Lahore

We told our readers about the agreement signed between Al-Haj Group and the Malaysian automaker Proton. Proton became the exclusive distributor and assemblers of Proton vehicles in Pakistan in collaboration with Al-Haj Group.

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Now recently a Proton vehicle, Proton Exora was spotted being tested on the roads of Lahore for the very first time.

Further on when Al-Haj was asked about it they confirmed that Proton vehicles are being tested in the country. The registration number of the vehicle was BNR-688 that was verified from the excise and taxation website. It was also confirmed that the vehicle belonged to Al-Haj FAW Motors Private Limited and was not imported randomly by any individual or company.

According to the agreement between Al-Haj and Proton, modern vehicles that are sedans SUVs, MPVs, crossovers, and hatchbacks will be launched in Pakistan. For this, as per the reports Al-Haj has acquired land for manufacturing and producing Proton cars in Karachi.  

Talking about Proton Exora it is a 7-seater compact MPV. It is equipped with a 1.6l 125 hp engine. Reportedly the 3rd generation 1.3L Proton Saga is also being tested on the roads of Pakistan. It is extremely important that new automakers enter the Pakistani market and provide healthy competition in the auto market. With names like Kia, Hyundai, Al-Haj, Renault entering Pakistani auto sector, things look quite hopeful.

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