Protests Spark In The US After Police Murders One More Black Man

Black lives protest

A new wave of protests against racial injustice and police brutality has begun in the country after the killing of an unarmed black man by the police in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Andre Morris, 47, was in the garage of a house Monday night when he was shot several times by a police officer, according to AFP.

The police officer was called to the scene because of a minor incident. Footage from a camera mounted on the uniform of a police officer named Adam Coe shows Andre Morris walking towards him a few seconds before the shooting, with a mobile phone in his left hand and other hand out of sight.

Columbus Police Chief Thomas Quinlan announced Thursday that he would fire the officer for “misconduct.” In a statement, the police chief said: “We have an officer who has broken his promise to follow the rules and policies of the Columbus Division of Police. An innocent man lost his life in this violation. This is the second death of a black man by Columbus police in less than three weeks. Casey Goodson Jr., 23, was on his way home on December 4 when he was shot several times.

According to his family, he had a sandwich in his hand, which law enforcement considered a gun. Several people in the city on Thursday protested for justice for those killed by police. The killings in Columbus follow similar incidents a few months ago. It should be noted that in May, a tourist named George Floyd was killed in a mini apple as a result of police brutality, after which a nationwide campaign called ‘Black Lives Matter’ was launched. George Floyd was also unarmed at the time of his death. He was strangled to death by a white police officer in the city of Minneapolis. Passers-by made a video of the incident, which quickly went viral. “Once again, officers saw another tourist and found him guilty and dangerous,” said Ben Crump, a lawyer representing the families of some of those killed by police on Wednesday. Columbus Mayor Andrew Gunther is outraged by the death of Andre Morris Hill.

The mayor of Columbus told a news conference Wednesday that “residents of the house where the car was parked knew him.” “He was a guest, not an intruder.” The mayor said he was upset that police officers at the scene did not provide first aid to Andre Morris. They have demanded the immediate removal of the said police officer Adam Coe.

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