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Protests Against India’s Citizenship Law Ahead of Trump Visit

India's Citizenship Law

As per the police officials, police has used tear gas for dispersing the large crowds of India’s capital of New Delhi on Sunday in the most recent protest over a new citizenship law.

Many people in support of the new law had a clash with the ones who opposed it, with the 2 groups pelting each other with stones in Maujpur area in the northeastern part of the city, as per the television footage.

As per a senior police official, there must be some miscreants who are willing to destroy the peace of the area. He added that they would recognize them and would take action against them. He further said that the situation is under control now.

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The protests have started a day prior to the US President Donald Trump commences a 2-day visit to India, where he is anticipated to increase the issue of religious freedom in the nation with the Indian PM Modi.

The India’s Citizenship Amendment Act, which relaxes the path for the non-Muslims from the neighbouring Muslim majority countries to gain citizenship, has started the weeks of protests against the government of Modi.

The Indian law is taken by the opponents as highly discriminating against the Muslims and has raised concerns that the administration of Modi is undermining the secular traditions of India.

On Sunday, a separate protest also started in the northern Indian city of Aligarh, where the protestors threw stones at the police, as per the state administration official, Chandra Bhushan Singh.

He also said that the internet in the area had been suspended until late at night.

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