Protest: PIMS Hospital Staff Suspended Services


Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) employees on Tuesday announced the suspension of medical services in departments other than in emergency and novel coronavirus (COVID-19) treatment in protest of converting the hospital into a Medical Teaching Institute (MTI) as reported.

Dozens of employees of PIMS gathered at the hospital and continued their protest against the government for announcing the MTI system and changing the status of the hospital.

The Grand Health Alliance (GHA) announced a lockdown of all health activities in the hospital other than providing emergency and COVID-19 services to the patients visiting. PIMS employees protesting against MTI said that the newly introduced ordinance is not acceptable to them as it has created job insecurity among employees. Employees protesting said that the MTI system did not remain successful in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), and now the government wants to implement it in the federal also.

Dr. Asfandyar Khan said that the system of the Board of Governors will be a constant threat of unemployment for the staff of the hospitals. He said that hundreds of patients’ daily visit PIMS for healthcare. The government instead of establishing more hospitals is going to convert PIMS into MTI.

He said that the system which failed in delivering in KP so far is being imposed in federal capital which will be opposed. He also said that instead of improving the system, the government has privatized this hospital providing free healthcare to patients. MTI has abolished the civil servant structure of the employees without taking their consent, he said. As MTIs, they will be allowed to charge fees from the patients visiting to run the expenditure of the hospitals. Earlier, there were no or nominal charges being taken by the hospitals against providing medical services to the public.

According to the bill of the Medical Teaching Institute, the objective of this shall be to undertake all functions required for providing health facilities and healthcare services to the people and to provide medical education and training and research and to perform such other functions as are assigned to it by the government from time to time.

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