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Protest against Government on Dec 9th for conspiracy to grant citizenship to ‘aliens’

Sub-nationalists groups in Sindh have announced that they will protest on December 9th, 2017 against the government’s “conspiracy to grant citizenship to foreigners.” Across the province, rallies will be taken out and there will be hunger strike in Sindh.

Leaders of various parties in Sindh including Sindh United Party, Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz, Sindh Taraqqi-Pasand Party and other groups have made this announcement at the SUP’s headquarters, Hyder Manzil. They discussed issue circulating in which Muslims from different nations like Myanmar, Bangladesh, and other countries are granted citizenship.

The conference was attended by Jalal Mehmood Shah SUP president, Sanan Qureshi JSQM chairman, Dr. Qadir Magsi STP chief,  Aman Shaikh of Awami Jamhoori Party, Nawaz Shah Bhadai of the Jeay Sindh Mahaz (Riaz Chandio faction) and many others.

They discussed a strategy to confront the government on its plan to grant citizenship to illegal aliens’. The foreigners from Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan have no refugee status.

Mr. Shah while speaking at the press conference said, “All the parties in the conference unanimously agreed that all sorts of settlement of foreigners and granting them legal cover in Sindh will be utterly against the very existence of Sindh. All the parties believing in national thinking have decided to launch a joint struggle on a single platform to combat this deep conspiracy.”

The statement concluding the discussion was as follows, “The question relating to Sindh’s demography is the cardinal part of Sindh’s interests for which its people will not accept a settlement of foreign nationals on their land. We demand that the government get all Burmese, Bengalis, and Afghans registered as foreigners and shift them to duly confined camps.”

Also, it was discussed that the three million Afghan refugees should be deported to their country according to the order by Supreme Court.

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So on Dec 9th, it is decided that the members of the Sindh parties will observe hunger strikes and take out rallies all over the province.