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Proposition to Ban the Use of Word “Talaaq” in TV Dramas

A Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MPA—Malik Taimoor from the city of Rawalpindi, has submitted a resolution to the Punjab Assembly asking for a ban on the use of the word “Talaaq” (divorce) in the Pakistani Television dramas.

Taimoor and others who are in support of the resolution claims that the word talaaq has a negative influence on the society in general and has also been termed as undesirable in the religion—Islam.

The resolution, therefore, pleaded the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) for banning the use and airing of the word on television throughout the nation.

On the contrary, the resolution does not provide any suggestions that what other words could be used by the production houses in place of the word talaaq in case the script requires the word to be used necessarily.

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Divorce is an actual yet bitter reality of society and in most of the cases even becomes a source of relief for the sufferers. It is an option that is provided to the husband and to the wife to respectfully end the marriage in case the relationship is not working out despite many efforts. The theory and practice of divorce in religion Islam is different as per the time and place.

Divorce has got many implications for both the partners and their respective families and if there are children from the marriage then they suffer too. Divorce is not taken lightly by our society no matter the reasons behind it.

There is a need of bringing awareness in people regarding divorce its rights and implications. Divorce is not desirable no doubt on that, but it is not impermissible, and this is something that everyone in our society needs to understand.

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