Professional Top 5 Culinary Institutes in Pakistan

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In this article we will tell our readers about the Professional Top 5 Culinary Institutes in Pakistan

  • College of Tourism and Hotel Management, Lahore

The Only Hotel School of Pakistan which is universally known, linked and certify by top-positioning British, European and American granting bodies for Gold Standard Hospitality, Travel, Tourism, and Culinary Arts instruction and preparing. College of Tourism and Management, Lahore was right at the top among top Culinary Institutes in Pakistan.

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  • Pakistan Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Karachi

Pakistan Institute of tourism and Hospitality administration (P.I.T.H.M) is a an amazing place, creating experts for tourism and culinary industry of the nation to provide food of household purposes within the country and outside the country as well.

  • Chef Institute of Pakistan, Lahore

Due to the Increasing interest of cooking specialists in Hotels, Motels, Clubs, Restaurants of created nations like U.S.A, Bahrain, , U.K, Canada, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the entire  Europe, {CHEFS INSTITUTE OF PAKISTAN} C.I.P with the cooperation of master and expert cooks have presented a progressive TRAINING Program in the field of culinary expressions.

  • SCAFA, Lahore

SCAFA, Lahore’s School of Culinary and Finishing Arts is a full-time culinary organization offering the entire range of culinary expressions courses. SCAFA ranked at the fourth spot among the top Culinary Institutes in Pakistan.

  • COTHM, Islamabad

The College of Tourism and Hotel Management (COTHM) is one of the main culinary administration school, sharing the best business programs and plannings for vocations in the national and universal accommodation part. COTHM stood fifth among Top Culinary Institutes in Pakistan.

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