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Professional Beggars Arrested in Karachi

Professional beggars and their handlers were arrested by Karachi police. The police launched crackdown against beggars who are part of the beggar mafia.

On the directives of the Additional IG Karachi, Dr. Amir Ahmed Shaikh special teams were formed to make sure that beggars and their handlers are arrested. Also, 4500 vagrants that also includes the women and children were caught during this drive.

A special survey was conducted by the police in Karachi in which 104 localities were identified in different areas where beggar mafia is operational while being involved in different criminal activities.

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 In District South 27 points were identified, in District East 21 points were identified, in Malir 10, in District Korangi 18, in District Central 16, in District West 8 and in City area 4 spots were identified where the beggar mafia is actively playing a role.

High vigilance and monitoring are directed by the Police chief to officials and traffic police against this beggar mafia. The aim is to control the begging practices going on in commercial areas, signals and business arenas. Also, the public is urged to be aware of the practices.

They must not get tricked by these beggars as this has become a business for them. Give them food if you want but avoid giving money to beggars out of sympathy as it might be used for a wrong purpose.

Also different NGOs and social welfare organizations must come forward to eliminate this problem from the society.