Production of OLED Panels for iPad Pro Is Suspected to Begin in 2024

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch

According to some recent pieces of information, the production of OLED displays for the next-generation iPad Pro is expected to begin early next year. Reportedly, the production process will begin in February 2024. According to the information shared by the Korea Herald, LG will begin mass production of panels in February next year. The company’s facility in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, will be dealing with the production process. It suggests that the production will begin three months earlier than previously estimated.

In contrast to the OLED panels found in iPhones, the displays for the iPad Pro will cost three times more. The cost will eventually be passed on to consumers. In the iPad Pro category, we have the 11-inch iPad Pro, which comes with an LCD panel. However, the mini-LED illumination in the 12.9-inch model adds brightness and improves the contrast ratio. As compared to the LCD, OLED displays have several advantages. They eliminate the requirement for backlighting. Furthermore, they consume less power and provide a high contrast ratio with deeper blacks.

Some reports indicate that the company is interested in using a thin, hybrid OLED display. It will be a combination of flexible and rigid materials. Thus, we can expect a slightly thinner iPad Pro model. Accordingly, the company will be acquiring 10 million OLED panels for the iPad next year. 60% of the total supply will be provided by LG. The rest of the supply will be handled by Samsung. Perhaps Samsung will only supply the displays for the 11-inch model. LG Displays’ financial recovery is anticipated to be aided by the production of the panels for the upcoming iPad Pro model next year. It’s rumored that LG and Samsung are wrapping up their price talks with Apple.

Besides this, the upcoming iPad Pro models will feature some other advanced features, like large displays, a refurbished Magic Keyboard accessory, and the M3 chip. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the new models are expected to arrive in Q2 2024. This chronology roughly corresponds with the most recent Korea Herald rumor.

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