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Production Of Jeeps, Cars Increase By 6% In Eleven Months

During the first eleven months of the year 2016-17, the manufacturing of cars and jeeps jumped up by 6.28% in comparison to the output of the previous fiscal year.

178,944 jeeps and cars were produced in the fiscal year 2016-17 in comparison to 168,363 units manufactured during 2015-16. As for the motorcycles, their production increased by 21.85% compared to previous year productions.

In July-May (2015-16), 1,883,298 motorcycles were produced while in July-May (2016-17) 2,294,708 were manufactured. This is in accordance to the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

The production of buses increased by 4.93% in this fiscal year compared to last and trucks increased by 40.26% during same period.  In July-May (2015-16) buses production was 994 units while in July-May (2016-17) it increased to 1,043 units. As for trucks production, in July-May (2015-16) there were 5,065 units which increased to 7,104 units in July-May (2016-17).

Coming to tractors, they increased by 59.65% compared to last year producing 50,049 units while in July-May (2015-16) 31,350 units were produced.

On the flip side, Light Commercial Vehicles production went down by 31.83%, producing 22,927 units in comparison to 33,632 units in last fiscal year.

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On May 2016 15,161 cars were manufactured while on May 2017 18,094 cars were produced. Similarly, 587 units of Trucks were produced last May while this May they increased to 859 units. Tractors production increased to 5746 units in May 2017 compared to 4735 units in May 2016.

Production of buses went down during the same period by 35.94%. 128 units were produced in May 2016 which went down to 82 units in May 2017.

Overall LMS industry went up by 5.69% this fiscal year compared to last one.  Industrial development has gone up by 6.3% in May 2017 from May 2016.