Procter & Gamble Applied to Trademark the acronyms ‘LOL’, ‘WTF’ and others

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is a multinational consumer goods company that sells dishwashing, haircare, healthcare, laundry detergents, skincare and many different other products. Now the company has applied to trademark the common acronyms ‘LOL’ (Laughing Out Loud), ‘WTF’ (What The F—), ‘NBD’ (No Big Deal) and ‘FML’ (F— My Life).

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The company wants to use these acronyms in dishwashing detergents and soap category. The company applied for the trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office in April. Till now the application has not been approved, a clarification has been requested from P&G to which the company can respond till January.

The four acronyms that P&G has applied for will be used in liquid soap, dishwashing detergent, hard surface cleaners and air fresheners.

In order to appeal to the audience, different companies use different tactics. They want to reach to a wider audience through their advertising and brand campaigning. Now using acronyms to appeal to the audience is a unique idea by P&G. In the age of social media, everyone uses words like LOL, and WTF in their daily conversations. Thus P&G is looking to utilize the excessive use of these words and apply it in its products.

Senior brand manager in the consumer goods industry said, “As amusing as it might seem, if this deal goes through, P&G will have a massive edge over its competitors such as Unilever in generating more users through brand loyalty, which is largely based on the way a person ‘connects’ with the brand”.

Nelson Peltz Activist investor who joined P&G’s board in March said that the teenage & young customers do not require “one-size fits all” brands. “Millennials want these little brands, these local brands that they have an emotional attachment to.”

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