Problem In Receiving Emails In Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft has confirmed a problem with Exchange. There are currently delays in receiving emails. The Microsoft 365 team is already working on a solution, so the issue should be resolved soon.

Investigation is ongoing

This emerges from a status message from Microsoft 365 Services. This means that the service can currently only be used to a very limited extent for many users. Microsoft confirmed the report around 6 p.m. German time.

However, the first user complaints arrived much earlier and reported quite unanimously that emails were stuck in the “queue” and that there was no error display.

According to Microsoft, companies that use Exchange are currently affected. As far as is known, the error occurs worldwide and results in problems receiving external email messages. The team has already found the trigger and launched an update, which should fully restore functionality shortly.

Details have not yet been published, so it is currently unclear what happened. The Microsoft 365 services have repeatedly struggled with intermittent outages in recent weeks. Among other things, there was a local outage of services in Germany in June due to an error in a data center.

Users can currently do nothing other than wait. The emails are delivered with a delay.

Microsoft announced the following:

  • We are currently working on a solution to resolve an issue that causes delays in receiving external email messages in Exchange. Further details and updates will be provided in the Admin Center at EX680695.
  • We have applied our fix and expect it to provide users with relief within the next 30 minutes. For more details, see EX680695 in the Admin Center.

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