Pro Plus full-size SD cards with USB readers are now sold by Samsung

SD Card Reader Macbook pro

The South Korean conglomerate has rebranded the current Pro Plus microSD card offerings. Reportedly, last month, the company bundled the original product i.e., the Pro Plus memory card combined with a USB card reader. Well, this is a great deal for PC and notebook users since they can now conveniently transfer data between devices through a USB.

In addition to this offering, the tech company claimed that it will introduce another bundle including a USB card reader and a full-size Pro Plus memory card. Samsung promised to introduce the product in June. As now fulfilling the promise the company has debuted the product bundle in Europe. The latest product bundle is offered in three different storage configurations. These include 128GB, 256GB, and 512 GB. In Germany, users can access the product bundle from online stores. The bundles are priced at €29.90, €45.90, and €78.90, respectively.

A boundless addition for Galaxy Book users

When it comes to the performance of the full-size SD cards, they have the same efficiency as the Pro Plus microSD series. They have the capacity to record 4K videos at V30 speed class. They come with an A2 classification, thus featuring fast loading times and response for apps. Around 180MB/s and 130MB/s read and write speeds are featured by the full-size SD cards.

In addition to these high-end specs, the Pro Plus memory cards are resistant to water, the extreme temperature falls, magnetic fields, shocks, and X-rays (up to 100 mGy, or the equivalent of an airport X-ray scanner). According to the company, the cards can survive in the temperature range of -40 to 85 degree Celsius. However, it can operate between the range of -25 and 85 degrees.