Private schools to provide facilities to teachers to conduct online classes form campuses

The Chairperson of the All Private Schools Association Tariq Shah said that the teachers of private schools will now be provided facilities to conduct the online classes by the management of schools.

During an interview with a Pakistani TV channel, Shah said that the All Private Schools Association has also taken the permission from the government to allow the teachers to conduct the online classes from the premises of the school.

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This way, the teachers will be using the facilities provided to them by the administration of the schools, he added.

“Initially teachers had been using their own facilities because there was a lockdown and schools had been closed down for three months,” he elaborated. “But now, with the smart lockdown, things are falling back into place.”

Tariq Shah said that the private schools had also made sure that they paid the salaries of their teachers from their own pockets. “There were several teachers who were hired on a contract basis and laid off as their contracts were not renewed,” he added.

He further acknowledged that the new system of the online classes was very difficult to manager for both parents and students as it was a shift from the ‘conventional schooling methods’.

“We will have problems and issues will come up but we will have to solve them,” he said.

During the program, said that the parents who are facing problems could register their complaints at the complaint cell on the official website of the Director of Private Institutions or call +92 2199 2174 89-90.

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