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Private Schools Ordered to Return Extra Fees Charged After 2017

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has asked the private schools to return extra fees charged from the parents after 2017, as per the reports of local media.

The court asked the educational institutes to return the additional amount of charged fees after 2017 other than the approved 5 per cent being increased during a year.

The provincial court has asked the schools to fully impose the decision of the top court in this matter.

Previously in the month of September 2019, the Lahore High Court has asked the private schools to collect the tuition fees as per the orders of the SC.

A bench of the LHC has asked a report from the education secretary of Punjab and the chief executive officer of the district education authority for submitting their reports on the fees being gathered by the private educational institutes during the month of October 2014.

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The bench was listening to a petition filed by the Judicial Activism Panel against the private schools for receiving the additional fees.

The petitioner asked with the bench to bar schools from collecting the extra fees in violation of the orders of the apex court.

In its verdict last week, the apex court has given the decision that private schools would be charging the same fees as in the month of January 2017.

Yesterday, the Lahore High Court had asked the government of Punjab for furnishing a report indicating action that it has thus far taken against the private schools collecting the extra tuition fees in violation of the apex court’s order.

The judge asked the provincial authorities to submit details as to how the many private schools had been fined for charging the extra fees.

During the hearing of the session, he took exception to the government imposing a fine of Rs.20,000 on the private educational institutes, saying that it was fined only Rs.20,000 for collecting double fees.

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