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Private Schools Not Observing Summer Vacations will now Face Consequences

District Education Authority said that those private schools that have not been closed for the summer vacations, yet, will now face consequences. As per the Punjab government’s directives all schools should have been closed by May 17th. But the private schools were not closed. Private schools plan to close their schools from mid-Ramazan.

Rana Mashhood Khan, Education Minister confirmed that the schools will go on holidays from May 17 and will resume classes by August 10.

Despite the fact that the government announced holidays early, before the start of Ramazan, private schools administration did not follow the order. All government schools were closed but the private schools remained open. The announcement was made to close all schools early so that students, teachers and other staff is given relief during the Holy month of Ramazan.

Education department has issued notice to five private schools. But as the private schools remained ignorant and adamant, the education authority has asked education inspectors to carry out a survey so that action can be taken against schools that are still open.

Due to Ramazan, the summer vacation holidays were announced one week early. As the government schools closed, following the announcement, the private schools didn’t. Now action will be taken against those schools. Other than the Punjab government, the Sindh government also announced early summer vacation holidays.

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It is also pertinent to mention here that Islamabad High Court has barred all private schools from collecting summer vacation fees. The order has been issued by the High Court on Friday. Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui announced this verdict. This decision was made during the hearing filed by the Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA).