Private Schools Instructed to Charge Fees monthly

charge monthly fees

The Directorate of Private Schools has given the direction to all private schools to charge fees monthly which also includes the summer fees.

As per the notification, Mansoob Siddiqui—the director has said that all the private schools would have to charge monthly fees from students instead of bimonthly or quarterly fees. This means that the fees for the month of January could only be charged in January and the same is applicable for the month of June and July fees which were previously charged earlier by schools.

As per the director, the charging of quarterly or bimonthly fees is not in line with the Sindh Private Educational Institutions (Regulations and Control) Ordinance, 2001 Amendment Act, 2003.

Siddiqui mentioned that parents have been complaining about schools charging advance fees.

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Schools have also been directed to adjust half of the advance summer fees that have already been charged students last year by the 13th of February.

If the schools would fail to abide by the given instruction, then action would be taken against them. The action could lead to the suspension or even cancellation of the registration of the school.

On Thursday during the Sindh Assembly session, the Sindh Education Minister-Syed Sardar Shah said that all the private schools must follow the apex court’s order. He said that besides assuring that the schools must take down the heavily increased fees beyond 5 percent, they must also ensure to enroll 10 percent of the students belonging to low-income households who are being given without cost education.

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