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Private Schools in Islamabad announce 20% Reduction in Fees

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It has been announced by the Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA) that there will be a reduction in the tuition fees of the private schools of Islamabad by 20%. This would be maintained until the coronavirus outbreak is contained. The aim of this step is to provide financial relief to the masses amidst the lockdown.

Also, all the private schools are permitted to grant new admissions on the school leaving certificates basis from the earlier attended schools/institutes.

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All private schools have been directed by PEIRA to make sure that they comply with the latest orders that have been issued. Also, a warning is given that strict action would be taken against the schools that violate the orders.

Earlier, back in April PEIRA made the announcement regarding a 20% reduction in tuition fees of all the private schools in Islamabad.

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In an earlier article, we informed our readers that the Sindh government announced to conduct online classes of students of public schools amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Also, it does not seem that the situation will improve in the near future as the Chinese govt again cancelled flights and closed the schools to contain the new outbreak of COVID-19.

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