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Private Schools Fearlessly Charge Summer Vacation Fees

Twelve thousand private schools of the province Sindh fearlessly violate the government verdicts and even the court orders at times.

Despite the instructions of the government of Sindh to not collect summer vacation fee for the two months of June and July respectively, many parents have been asked by the school authorities to pay their children’s fees.

Annually the education minister and the secretary issue circulars in the media, asking parents to not pay the fee and warning the private school management from the collection but so far, all the efforts done by the government has brought no results.

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As per a resident of Kashmir Colony she has been asked by the school management of her children’s school to pay the fees of the month of July in advance along with the fees of current month or else the result of her children would be withheld. She said that she was left with no option except for paying the fees.

She informed that her children’s’ school is in the area of Defence View and that she pays from Rs 2,500 to Rs 2,700 per month for each child. She said managing double fees in a single month is hard and for complying with the school’s instruction of paying double fees she had to borrow the required sum of money from relatives.

She explained that most parents are enraged that the government has turned its back regarding the practise of its issued directives.

Sindh High Court some years back refrained the private schools from following such practices, but it seems that the school authorities pay no attention to these verdicts.

Khalid Shah—the Sindh Chairperson of the all Private School Management Association in the defence of his decision of charging the summer fee in advance said that no one seeks are consent or even ask us when such decisions are made.

He added that from where the salaries of the teaching and non-teaching staff would be managed if advance fees are not charged. He said that although the schools remain close for the two months owing to summer break however, teachers and other staff still needs to get paid for both the months.

A spokesperson of the education department said that an action has been taken against the schools that have violated the government decrees.

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