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Private Schools Association in Sindh Decides to Break Govt. Lockdown

Private Schools Association

The Private Schools Association has taken the decision of breaking the government imposed lockdown in the province. The association has taken it upon themselves to disregard the ongoing lockdown in the province amid the coronavirus epidemic, as per the reports of local media.

As per the details, the private schools association have announced that they would be opening their offices from tomorrow onwards.

The association said that the school management is striving to pay the salaries to the staff. It further claimed that 16,000 school employees have not been paid their due salaries since the coronavirus epidemic has hit the nation and the province is under lockdown.

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The chairman of the association said that the employees have been paid their alloted salaries for the month of March and did not have the resources available for continuing with the payments for April and onwards.

He also said that they were also violating government’s order of taking the student fee in installments, the fee would have to be submitted as was the earlier protocol.

The government of Sindh on the 30th of March has asked the private schools acorss the province to pay the full salaies to its teachers on time.

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