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Private Schools Asked to Return Extra Fees Charged from Parents

The newly created Private Schools Regulatory Authority has officially begun working in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, paying surprise visits and doing inspections of private schools for implementing the government’s regulations and orders of the court. The private schools have been asked to return the charged extra fees.

After receiving complaints from the parents, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Private School Regularity Authority’s (KP-PSRA)—Managing Director—Syed Zafar Ali Shah along with the director operations and deputy director paid visits to the private schools in Peshawar to see how much of the KP-PSRA Regulations 2018, and the court orders of Peshawar High Court are being practised.

The officers checked that whether the institutions were charging half the tuition fee from the second or third child of the same parents, increasing the fees annually by three percent, taking transport fees during vacations and charging fee for more than thirty days of vacations or not.

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While the inspection was being done Qadims Lumiere Private School in the University Town was the one school found to be charging no transportation fees during holidays, neither it was charging promotion fees nor increasing fees on a monthly or yearly basis.

However, the one thing that the school lagged was in implementing the verdict of charging half fees from the second or third child of the same parents. The school failed to practise the sibling policy.

Officers of the authority asked the school administration to return this charged fee within a weeks’ time. Once the fee returning duration provided by the administration would expire, the officers would then visit the institution again to check whether the directions are being implemented or not.

The school administration give confirmation to the officers of fully complying with the verdicts which include the refund of the excess fees charged back to the parents

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