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Private Schools Announce Free Schooling for Children of Coronavirus Victims

Karachi’s private school association has made the announcement regarding free schooling for students up to matriculation for the students who lost their parents amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The private school representatives jointly held a press conference in Karachi in which they made the announcement that free tuition would be offered for students whose parents lost their lives amidst coronavirus.

According to the details it has been claimed by the associations that they will make sure that the schools follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

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Shahzad Akhtar, an official from one of the representative groups said that the parents who have been unable to pay the school fees for the last 7 months would be permitted easy installments.

Akhtar advised that the parents who can pay the fees should do so.

Haider Ali, another representative said that the 76-point SOPs laid out for the management of the schools has been endorsed by the private schools.

He said that students in schools will be completely safe while the staff of the school would make sure that the social distancing amongst children is maintained. The school canteen will be closed. Thus, children are supposed to bring their lunch and water bottles from home.

Syed Tariq Shah, another representative said that no admissions will be extended to students in schools without the transfer certificates. Adding, that the students having COVID-19 symptoms would be sent home. They will not be marked absent.

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