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Private Medical Colleges’ Fee Increase Decision Reversed

The regulatory body of medical education using its authority directed that the admission policy introduced last year would remain in practice this year too and the private colleges are restricted to charge the fee fixed last year and to give admission following a centralized system.

Private medical colleges were willing to charge a fee of rupees 1.3 million, but PMDC objected and an agreement was sought at rupees 800,000, however, the council decided that the earlier fees of rupees 640,000 last year should continue for the next year too.

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council—the thirty-three-membered council in a meeting on Tuesday decided that the students enrolled in private colleges violating or not abiding by the council laws would not be registered with the PMDC. Private colleges tried resisting this decision.

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Private colleges went in a tough spot with the regulatory body when they started taking pre-admission tests before the dates prescribed by the PMDC, even though the regulatory officials have suggested the government to increase the admission fees of the private colleges as per their willingness.

Upon the continuously repeated requests by the private medical and dental colleges for fee increase up to rupees 1.3 million, the Pakistan Association of Medical and Dental Institutions (PAMI) along with the consent of the council sent a recommendation to the National Health Services Regulations and Coordination Ministry for fee hike to rupees 800,000 in private colleges.

The rule violation of taking admission test before the PMDC given time frame by the private colleges has infuriated the council enough that it has decided to reverse its decision. The council displayed serious concern in a meeting relating admitting students in medical and dental colleges before the fixed date imposed by the PMDC on them. It was also discussed during the meeting that many private colleges have advertised and given admission to students before October 31, that is before the completion of admissions in public medical and dental colleges, clearly violating the rules.

The council took notice and has decided to cancel the fee hike recommendations. Now according to the admission policy of 2016, the fee would be rupees 642,000 for the upcoming sessions as previously.

The PMDC clearly mentioned in a statement that the supreme regulatory body is the council for medical and dental education and any advertisement from any unauthorized party or person may not be considered valid.

All students and parents are advised to abide by the centralized provincial and regional admission and entry test policy as detailed in the Admission Regulations 2016, available on the PMDC website and they are also advised to follow all the other decisions done by the PMDC.

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