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Private Hospitals in Islamabad Told to Display Treatment charges on Websites

In Islamabad, all the private hospitals are asked to put detailed information on their official websites regarding the cost they are charging for the treatment of coronavirus.

All the private hospitals in Islamabad were issued an official notification on 11th June by Hamza Shafqat Islamabad Deputy Commissioner according to which it is now mandatory to put up the treatment cost on the official websites of the hospitals.

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According to the deputy commissioner the decision took place in order to resolve the complaints from patients regarding the fluctuation of the prices.

The capital’s district management pledges that they will not let anyone be charged unfairly. The residents of Islamabad ask to impose such action in other provinces as well as they also suffer from corruption.

As per a report, it has been revealed that the private hospitals are charging Rs.100, 000 to Rs.150, 000 for just one room for only one night.

The reason for charging this much is that the hospitals have to maintain their standards and also they have to keep the ventilators running which are costly, says the hospital heads.

Pakistan has 130,000 COVID-19 cases currently and as per the experts, Pakistan will observe a peak of the virus from the month of June till August.

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