Private French Charter Airline to Operate Special Flights to EU


A private French jet charter company has been permitted to operate special flights for Pakistan. The aim of the flights is to bring back stranded Pakistanis in France. The Pakistanis who got stuck in France because of the flight suspension following the COVID-19 pandemic would be brought back home.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) operated special flights to different parts of the world to bring back stranded nationals, however, on 30th June the authorization for PIA to conduct its operations in the bloc of major European countries was suspended by European Union (EU) for six months.

After 262 pilot licenses were grounded by the PTI government, the EU suspended PIA’s flights. Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan termed the licenses as “dubious” in a press conference.

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Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has now permitted a French jet charter company to operate special flights to Pakistan. The permit has been formally issued to the company by the CAA’s director of air transport.

A special chartered flight of the French company Hi Fly will research Pakistan on 22nd July with 250 passengers, as per the permit. Then the same plane will go back for Pari on 23rd July with over 200 passengers.

800 euros will be the cost of the return ticket for the flight. PIA’s general sales agent in France arranged the chartered flight.

A PIA spokesman stated, “The airline management is aware of the reported use of the PIA’s name for the purpose.”

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