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Private Firm Plans to Shut Down 15 Police Helpline

15 police helpline

A private firm, which was given the contract for operating the Madadgar 15 helpline of Sindh police, has decided to stop its operations.

As per the company, it has not received any payment for the past 6 months.

The ex-IG Sindh—A.D. Khawaja had outsourced police emergency helpline for improving the policing and for ensuring quick response to the emergency calls.

An MQM-leader expressed his concerns over the growing number of street-crimes in Karachi. He said that the government of Sindh and the police should re-activate the 15 helplines to help people in reporting crimes.

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As per the data gathered by local media, nearly 31 people have been killed and 282 have been injured while they attempted to resist robberies in the capital city of Sindh this year.

Last year, 54 people were killed in the city during muggings and robberies.

On the other hand, referring to the economic development of the country, Pakistan has given a tax exemption to China Overseas Ports Holding Company (COPHC) for 23 years for assisting them to establish their industrial units at the port of Gwadar.

It was informed regarding this measure that the step is taken towards relocating the Chinese manufacturing industry to Gwadar and to engage the local area labour. This move would be boosting the economy of the country.

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