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Private Education Board Gives the Approval to Teach Sindhi


All the private schools that are linked with the Cambridge board, Agha Khan University board and Catholic board have given the approval to make Sindhi a part of the curriculum as a compulsory subject, after the directives of Sindh Education and literacy department.

As per the Directorate of Private Schools and Institutions Registrar—Rafia Javed, a resolution was passed by the Sindh Assembly in March this year, binding all schools to teach Sindhi as a compulsory subject from class three onwards.

After this development, all schools in Sindh are anticipated to start teaching the language with the start of the new academic session.

Many private schools have also given confirmation to the Directorate, giving their agreement for teaching the subject.

As per the Catholic Board Executive Secretary—Anthony D’Silva no decision has been taken about making Sindhi a part of the O’ Level’s curriculum. He informed that the Sindh education and literacy department would be signing an agreement with the Cambridge board on a paper pattern for Sindhi and once that is approved, O’Levels students would also be taught the language.

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Especially referring to the Cambridge Schooling System, the registrar said that letters have been sent to the British Consulate and Cambridge Assessment International Education CEO. In the letters, it has been suggested that revision of some subjects be done and recommendation for preparing students to pass the Sindh examination.

The directorate had previously passed orders for making the Sindhi language a must in October last year. But the orders were not implemented in many schools despite teams raiding the educational facilities.

On the other hand, parents are concerned about this decision. As per them, it would be easier for the student of class 3 to learn the language, who would be taught with the basics of Sindhi in comparison to the students of class 5 and 6 who would be required to learn much more advanced Sindhi.

They said that it should be taught as an optional subject.

The registrar to this cleared that the language would only be taught to the students of class 3 initially.

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