Private Companies to Purchasing COVID19 Vaccine Under the Supervision of DRAP

The Ministry of Health has issued a permit where the private sector can start purchasing the COVID19 vaccine. The whole process will be monitored by DRAP.


According to the recent authorization by the Ministry of Health, the private sector has been allowed to purchase the COVID-19 vaccine.

Nausheen Hamid – Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination – said that the companies doing business in the health sector will be able to purchase the corona vaccine before it reaches the general market.

Such companies will have to register with the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP), after which the rates will be fixed.

DRAP will monitor the entire sales process to avoid any confusion regarding the vaccine in the country.

It is also informed that the government was working towards developing a strategy to decide the companies which can buy the vaccine from DRAP.

The Health Minister also added that the government’s authorized corona vaccine would be given free of charge.

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