Printing Businesses Affected Before Elections

General elections 2018 is approaching fast and so the election campaigns and activities related to it are on a rising trend, however, the people involved in the banner and flex boards businesses say that the ECP’s code of conduct has caused a major decrease in their earnings.

Nearly twenty-eight thousand panaflex printing machines have been installed in the provincial capital of Punjab—Lahore. Businessmen are investing millions of rupees before elections in this business. However, the majority of them are now facing serious problems.

One major reason is the ban on a larger size of flex boards. A printer—Mian Idrees told local media that the market is not favourable presently.

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Many printers have purchased the rollers on credit, however, they do not have any work. Banners which costs hundreds of thousands of rupees were printed by a single contestant of general elections 2013. But, in 2018 the directions have totalled just rupees three million.

Idrees further said that the larger flex boards were made earlier. He further added that if a constituency has five thousand poles, larger flexes would be printed for them.

He also explained that the competition has urged the candidates for producing larger boards than their competitors, however now the size has been limited to 2X3.

He added that the candidates are getting flex boards made in the same quantity, however, the decrease in size has caused more than half per cent of minimisation in cost.

Mian Zahid—another businessman said that the business of the ones preparing the pamphlets and posters has finished. He also said that paper printing presses have been closed and the ones making stickers of smaller sizes are booming. The supporters of the electoral candidates are getting the stickers printed in millions and one round sticker is of around one rupee these days. An A4 size sticker is prepared for ten rupees.

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