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Prince Harry’s Ex-Girlfriends Attended the Royal Wedding

Social media sites, these days are full of the Royal Wedding-related news, photos, videos, etc. It indeed was a big event. As per the reports of People, Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriends—Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas were among the Royal wedding attendees, which was held in Windsor—England on Saturday.

Bonas wore a pink and green coloured striped dress from Eponine London—a British designer with feather fascinator, while Davy wore a single coloured navy dress with a feathered fascinator and a navy cap like a cardigan on top.

Davy who is of thirty-two years in age was Prince Harry’s first ever love interest. The duo dated each other on and off for a span of seven years from the time when they first met that was back in 2004 during Prince Harry’s gap year in Zimbabwe, until when she was a guest at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in the year 2011.

Both Davy and Prince Harry consider each other good friends. Davy even informed to The Sunday Times that the two would keep their friendship intact.

Both of Harry’s relationship with Davy and Bonas ended due to the undesired public attention they catered, with neither of the ex-girlfriends enjoying the extra attention.

As per reports, Davy admitted that she found it tough to handle the public attention she was receiving when she was dating Harry, emphasizing that it is not something that one could get used to.

Bonas who is an actor and a model dated Prince Harry for two years after his break up with Davy.

Meghan Markle—now Prince Harry’s wife was apparently okay with the idea of Harry’s exes attending their big day.

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