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Prime Minister Khan rules out bilateral cricket series with India under Modi govt

Imran Khan—the Prime Minister of Pakistan has ruled out a bilateral cricket series between Pakistan and its neighbouring country India. PM Khan said that there will a “terrible atmosphere” on the cricket grounds whilst the Modi-led government is in the power in India.

During an interview with the former English batsman Michael Atherton for the Sky Sports, the Prime Minister of Pakistan talked about the prospects of the Pakistan-India cricket series taking place in the future.

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“You know Mike [Michael] I played two series in India. The first one I played was in 1971 and the two governments were trying to come close, and I can’t tell you the wonderful atmosphere on the cricket field,” PM Khan said.

Khan added that the next time he went to India to play cricket was in 1987 when the tension between both neighbouring countries existed. “But this time I saw anger in India I had never seen before,” Khan said.

The cricketer-turned-politician said that when Indian cricket team came to Pakistan in 2005 to play a cricket series, the governments of both countries were again trying to “come close” and the crowds from the Pakistani side has welcomed the Indian cricket team with the open arms.

However, the premier has ruled out a cricket series between Pakistan and India under the current Modi-led government of India in place.

“Right now, playing cricket in this atmosphere, with this sort of a government in power [Modi government] I would imagine it would be a terrible atmosphere on the cricket ground,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said.

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