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Prime Minister House to be Converted into Postgraduate Institute

Prime Minister House

The land where the Prime Minister House is currently situated would be converted into a postgraduate institute, as informed by Shafqat Mehmood—the Minister for Education. He informed this while speaking about the plans of the government of utilising the official buildings for public use.

The details regarding the plan were shared by the Minister for Education in the federal capital on Thursday at a news conference. The details were shared after a briefing was given to the Prime Minister—Imran Khan on the matter.

He added that the Prime Minister has taken the decision of not staying in the Prime Minister house and also the governors would not be staying in the Governor House in order to cut down on the costs.

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As per the details, PM House in Islamabad would be changed into an institution for higher learning. For acquiring the purpose, additional structures would be constructed on the land next to to the Prime Minister house.

A committee was formed which included the Education Minister, Dr Attaur Rehman and the Chairman Higher Education Commission. The committee would be submitting a PC one of the projects for approval.

As per the education minister, the yearly expenditure of the PM House was rupees four hundred and seventy million.

Talking about the reconstruction of other official buildings, Mehmood said that the Governor House in the provincial capital of Punjab would be used as a museum and art gallery, while the park on the land would be opened for general public.

He further informed that the Punjab House in Murree would be converted into a tourist complex, while the ones in Karachi and Balochistan respectively would be used as museums.

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