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Prices of Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda bikes increased – Revised Prices Here

Due to rupee depreciation, the retail prices of Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda bikes kept on increasing in Pakistan. In the first three months of 2018, the outrageous price hike was witnessed.

Suzuki GR-150cc price increased by Rs 3000 to Rs2,22,500. Earlier the price of the same model bike was Rs219,000/unit.

Similarly, Rs 8500/unit price increase was seen in other Suzuki bike in the first three months of 2018.

The revised prices of Suzuki GS 150SE, Suzuki GS 150cc, and Suzuki GD-110s is Rs167,000, Rs147,000, and Rs139,500 respectively.

Similarly, in the first three months of 2018, the price of YB125z increased by Rs2,000 to Rs117,900.

Other two models witnessed an increase of Rs 4000 as Yamaha YBR125G price increased to Rs137,900 and YBR125 price increased to Rs133,900

Now coming to Honda bike prices, Honda CG125 price went up from Rs107,500 to Rs109,000.

Honda CG125 Dream price went up by Rs1,500 to Rs108,400.

Price of Deluxe 125 increased by Rs 3000 to Rs129,500 and the price of CB 150F increased by Rs 6000 to Rs165,000.

As per the bike dealers, the increase in prices is largely attributed to 10% rupee depreciation against the dollar since December.

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A dealer said, “Despite the increase in price the demand would not be subdued as low-income group prefers the cheaper mode of transport, while there is too shortage of public transportation.”

The data of Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association displays that motorbike sales increased in the first ten months of the current fiscal year. In July to April period, the motorcycle sales were 976,492 units while in the same period last year the sales were 817,252 units.

For the first time, Honda recorded monthly sales of above 100,000 units in the months of January, March, and April. Also, sales of Suzuki went up by 16.8% to 17,811 units in first ten months of 2017-18 fiscal year.