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President House Opens for A Historical Exhibition

President House

The President House—Aiwan-e-Sadar has opened its doors for the public for a 2-day historical exhibition on Pakistan’s history—starting from the Pakistan Movement to the hard times faced by the migrants in the subcontinent, via unique photographs and documents.

The exhibition was held this weekend.

The historical exhibition was arranged by the National Archives of Pakistan. It highlighted the personality and the work of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the struggles made by him for a separate country for Muslims.

The documents presented at the exhibition included the rare texts in Arabic, Pashto, Punjabi and Persian, there were some magazines that were published in the subcontinent, the deal of Kashmir between the British and the Dogra Raja Gulab Singh from 1846 and the royal directives given by the Mughal emperor Shahjehan and Mohammad Shah.

Personal documents of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Fatima Jinnah were also shown which included their original passports, diaries, vehicle registration books and accounts books.

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The exhibition was held on Friday and Saturday at the President House. Crowds of visitors showed up at the exhibition to enjoy the rare sight into history as well as the Presidency.

Visitors were permitted to visit the gardens and the Darbar Hall.

Unique pictures of Fatima Jinnah and Dina Jinnah were also displayed. The photos of Jinnah’s residence in London and his friends were also there.

A collection of old newspapers and magazines were also displayed which included the Paisa Akhbar, Al-Hilal, Oudh Punch and many more.

While speaking at the exhibition, Dr Arif Alvi said that work needs to be done for recognizing Jinnah’s friends and others who were a part of history, as the younger generation has got no knowledge of them.

He said that for the first-time public has been given access to see the original documents from history that the government possess. Students and researchers could make good use of this opportunity.

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