President Biden Announces The US Will No Longer Support Saudi-led War In Yemen

On Thursday, President Biden announced that the U.S. will no more support Saudi-led offensive military operations in Yemen, altering a policy initiated by the Obama government and followed by the Trump government despite general accusations of Saudi war crimes.

In his first foreign policy address, President Biden said “The war in Yemen has to end,” a war that has created the world’s biggest humanitarian catastrophe.

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He announced the choice of Tim Lenderking as a special envoy for Yemen to pursue a diplomatic solution to the war. However, he also said that the US will continue to support Saudi Arabia against Iran for the protection of its people, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

As per the reports, Saudi Arabia welcomed Biden’s remarks expressed in his speech, especially his commitment to the kingdom’s defense.

In 2015, the Saudi-led military operation was started in Yemen, backing government forces fighting the Iran-proxies. To end the war, United Nation officials are striving to do peace talks as the country’s suffering is also aggravated by an economic crisis, currency devaluation, and the Covid-19 pandemic.


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