Prepaid Electricity Meters Launching Soon in Pakistan

Prepaid electricity meters are launching soon in Pakistan by the federal government. In order to tackle the energy shortage issue, the Finance Minister Asad Umar led the Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet. He decided to launch the smart electricity meters in the country.

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The government of Pakistan wants to overcome the power shortages and energy crisis in the country. In order to prevent further electricity theft, prepaid electricity meters are being used. Also, those subscribers who have not paid the bill for 3 or more months consecutively their electric connections will be cut.

The Prepaid electric meters will be installed in those areas that have a low recovery.

So basically the prepaid electric meters will have a chip inside allowing users to top up the balance quite similar to the mobile phone balance. If the balance is low, the connection will be turned off.

If this system is successfully implemented it will be economically beneficial to the country and the electricity theft and fraudulent activities will be controlled.

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