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PPIB brings $16.7 billion investment in Pakistan’s power sector

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Pakistan’s Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) has fetched $16.7 billion investment in Pakistan’s power sector so far, the board has commissioned 27 projects of more than 15,000 megawatts in this regard.

The Minister for Power Omar Ayub Khan presided 119th Board meeting of PPIB on Wednesday, and his first meeting after holding the office.

During the meeting, the minister was informed with a detailed briefing on all PPIB projects and initiatives. The managing director PPIB Shah Jahan Mirza informed the minister that PPIB has successfully attracted $16.7 billion investment and commissioned roughly 37 power generation projects having a capacity of 15,500MW so far—The News reported.

The minister admired the efforts of PPIB and encouraged officials to keep up the projects that are direly needed in Pakistan.

It was reported last month that government is also stressing the development of water hydropower projects in Pakistan delineating water shortage problems in Pakistan.

In August it was also reported that a Chinese company Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) is actively working on installing six new power projects in Pakistan which would have combined the capacity of generating 2733MW.

There are several other similar projects that are underway, it is expected that by 2025 Pakistan would not only be able to generate power for the country’s demand but also would be able to produce excess power which can then be utilized for other purposes.