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Power Tariff to Increase by Rs.1.86 per unit

power tariff

Power tariff is to increase by Rs.1.86 per unit.

The Central Power Purchasing Agency—CPPA has asked the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority—NEPRA to increase the electricity rates by Rs.1.86 on account of the fuel adjustment prices.

If granted, the surge in power rates would be for a month on account of the fuel price adjustment for electricity consumed in the month of August.

NEPRA would be taking the decision on the 2nd of October whether to increase the power tariff or not.

The CPPA moved a petition before NEPRA, mentioning that 40.33percent of the total power production came from the hydropower plants, 22.89 percent from the LNG-fired power plants 13.34percent from the coal-fired plants, and 11.87percent from the natural gas.

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Whereas the power generated from the furnace oil and nuclear plants was 3.60percent and 4.66percent respectively.

Previously on the 4th of September NEPRA permitted a surge of Rs.1.78 per unit in power tariff owing to the fuel price adjustment. The increase was made because of the fuel adjustment for the month of July.

The surge is to place an extra load of Rs.34.60billion on the consumers of electricity, as informed by the power regulatory authority in a statement.

NEPRA said that 32.53percent of the electricity was produced from hydel while 14.33percet of power was generated from coal in the month of July.

The press further added that 11.81percent was generated from local gas, 24.51percent from the imported LNG. For the month of July 5.50percent power was generated from furnace oil.

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