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Power Outages Intensifies in different Areas of Karachi

All Karachiites are worried as the weather is getting hotter day by day and the load shedding hours are also increasing in many areas of Karachi.

In many areas of Karachi, the load shedding has increased to more than eight hours. The most affected area is the District East.

The residents of multiple areas like; Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Saddar, Shah Faisal Colony, and Malir are facing twelve hours of load-shedding in a single day.

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People are complaining that because of the load-shedding the water supply has been cut off in these areas. One of the residents said that if there is no power than how will the water motors work.

Due to the load-shedding problem, the water supply from the Dhabeji Pumping Station has also been stopped and hence increased the problems for the public.

K-Electric announced earlier this month that load-shedding will be conducted in residential areas for three-four hours whereas in the industrial areas eight hours of load shedding will be conducted as there is a shortage of furnace oil.

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