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Poultry Products Contain Harmful Drug Residues

A parliamentary committee was shocked to learn that there was a possibility that citizens are consuming dangerous and hazardous drug residues along with meat, milk, poultry and eggs.

Dr Alamadar Hussain Malik—Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council Registrar, during a meeting held on Tuesday of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Inter-Provincial Coordination informed that the farmers are using “growth promoter” drugs to inject into the animals and chicken.

He said that there is a possibility that chicken induced with heavy growth promoters and antibiotics are supplied to the markets. He advised that a strict measure should be taken to stop this practice.

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MNA Abdul Qahar Khan Wadan headed the meeting. Siraj Mohammad Khan a Member added that for increasing the weight of the animals, butchers inject water in the animals after they are slaughtered.

Dr Alamadar further added that because of two significant reasons Pakistan’s livestock export is nearly zero or very limited. The reasons are foot and mouth disease and drug residues.

Farmers are not practising the mandatory five-day drug withholding period before slaughtering the animals, which is leading to the residuals to remain in the meat, Dr Alamadar informed.

Dr Abdur Rehman—Director of the Poultry Research Institute Rawalpindi said that the Punjab Poultry Feed Act is being practised and under which strict monitoring is being done.

Later, he informed that the owners of poultry farms stop inducing drugs to chickens five days before they are sold to the consumers.

He further mentioned that under the Punjab Animals Feed Stuff and Compound Feed Act 2016, farmers who use growth promoters against the law and who over-doze drugs in their chickens are dealt with strict action.

Dr Sher Mohammad—representative of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Livestock Department informed the committee that the KP government is to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a Chinese firm in the livestock field.

During the meeting, it was also informed by an official of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) that scholarships are being granted and are open in the fields of veterinary and agriculture. He said that candidates should apply under these fields without any bar.

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